SMR 100Amps Transformer

100Amps Paired Transformer

25Amps ETD54-H Transformer

Axial Inductor M-3060

Drum Core Inductor

Buzzers & Ringers

Drum Core Driver Transformer

Drum Core Inductor M-8012

Drum Core Inductor With Base M-8010

U15 Line Filter

Types Of Inductors

SMR Choke Transformer

E30 SMPS Transformer 14 Pin Vertical

U21 Line Filter

E25 4 Pin Horizontal Transformer

E25 Line Filter 8 Pin Horizontal

Ferrite Rod Inductor

Inductor M-1020

Types Of Ferrite Rod Inductors

U9.8 Line Filter

RC Inductor M-8020

RC Inductor M-8022

Drum Core Transformers

Types Of Toridal Choke Inductors

Drum Core Inductor M-6080

Electronic Ballast Pulse Transformer

RC Inductor M-5020

Telephone Ringer

ELP 22 Choke

SMPS Transformer M-PQ 2625 12 Pin Vertical

SMPS Transformer M-EI 33 12 Pin Vertical

SMPS Transformer M-E25 07 10 Pin Vertical Transformer

Our Product Range

PFC Choke Torridal/SMR

Line Filter EE2507 Horizontal

Line Filter EE2507 Vertical

SMPS Transformers Range

SMPS Transformers Range

Electronic Ballast Pulse Transformer

10mm IFT Base Driver Transformer

UT28 Line Filter

SMPS Transformer EFD39 Horizontal

8mm Drum Core Transformer

RC Inductor M-6025

Range Of Line Filters/Common Mode

Continuous Buzzer M-27

RM Core Transformers

Pulse Transformer 1:1:1

Range Of Torridal Chokes

Range Of Electronic Ballasts Pulse Transformers

Line Filter M-UT20

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